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Selection Guide: Quality Standard security door

Author : Date : 6/20/2014 10:24:19 AM
Door three standard 
First, the door: "Door national standards", the thickness of the steel door frame must be 2 mm or more. Because the weight of the relatively large security door, door to play a major supporting role, steel is too thin, easily deformed door, security door leading to the switch can not be normal. 
Second, the panel: According to "security door national standard", the use of tools to open the security door destruction of time can not be less than 15 minutes. Regular manufacturers generally use 1 mm plate. 
Third, filler: The third important decision factor security door security performance is to select the internal filler. Quality of clearance inside security doors have metal doors welded stiffeners can make strong degree increased by 20%, while in the external door was destroyed, but also play a supporting, blocking effect. 
Also qualified internal security doors should be filled with special fire and soundproofing materials. Security doors in the formal application of mineral wool filler, it can play sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection, security role. 
Buy security doors should pay attention to these issues and standards.