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Installation instructions note

Author : Date : 2/27/2014 7:02:03 PM
 1.  At frist,you should prepare all installed tools needed, avoid the lack of tools during installation so that your work can be finished in time.
2.  then,you have to check the size of the doorpost,doorleaf,and door lines,after that,take them to the door hole where you wanna  put in.
3.  Thirdly,you should take care of sand or mud on the construction site, Remove the packaging with tools,maintain the integrity of the skin  which will be used as a cushion the objects,avoid to scratching the door during the working  time.
4.Fourthly,Before the installation, the width and height measurement, wall thickness,and goods size whether is matched or not
5.Fifthly,when you are ready to assemble doorcase,put the door rail(the width of the door) above on two lines (refers to frame height).measure door leaf’s  width and height accurately,when fixing the door frame,the gap between the door frame and leaf should be longer than 10mm,the gap between door rail and door leaf must be more than 13mm,after that,use 4 about 60mm screws to nail the door rail and the two frames tightly,those three parts must be on the same horizontal plane,the degrees approach to 9add 4-6 iron slices to keep those three parts firm
6.Sixthly,put the doorpost into the can use a plumb bob to measure the door size,if it is too big,use batten or foam rubber fixed the door leaf firmly.
7.Seventhly,after the doorpost have been fixed,then you need to nail the hinges,the position of door hingeshould be installed in the door below 200 mm left and right sides,then nail screws on the door to keep strong,after that,have a check,make sure that the door leaf and the doorpost are fixed well and firmly,open and close the door must be natural.
8.Eighthly,be sure that you have firm the door well,after that,the next step is how to fix the door lines,be careful,you should cut the door line first,45 degrees will be ok.then take out of the screws,nail the screws well,you should be gentle that donot broke the door lines,after that,put the veneer on to the door line tightly,and this part of work will be okay.
9.After eighth step,you can check wether the door leaf is flexible or not,or is the aperture suitable
10.Tenthly,fix first you need to ascertain the suitable hight of the door locks(genarally  on the ground to lock tongue we think distance’s 960mm will be ok),and then use a pencil or other tolls to mark the door lock’s position,after that,try to use a  electric drill to open hole,then put the lock into the hole, slightly use screws give a preliminary fixed, then,try to turn the key,check the lock tongue is suitable or not,does it work smoothly
11.Seventhly,after finished,you need to remove the the protective film of doorleaf and the doorcase.when you are clean the whole door leaf,from up to down to uncover’d better not tear it down roughly,at frist, use knife to cut a light line  between the door line and case, you should be gentle,do not scratch it.
12.After the whole installation work is finishedyou can use clean soft cloth to wipe the whole door clean, and then also cleaned up the crap on the ground.
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